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Hi! I’m Moose! Or @moosethewhiningdog as I’m better known as 🐶 Not just on the gram, but in life because I whine a LOΤ. But I am cute about it 😉 I whine for attention, I whine to go out, to beg for food and everything in between. I only bark when some loud sound startles me or when I see people and dogs walking past our fence. I’m very protective. 

Oh yes, I am a 7 years old pure rough coat Jack Russell Terrier. I was born in NY but grew up in Alaska where my mommy worked. Now we’re back on the island where I got to meet my mama! They are so nice! I woof them both ❤️

This year I got a lil brother too! His name is Caribou, a mini Doxie, and he thinks the sun shines out of my bum. Which it might 😎 He always wants to be with me and play and be touching me while in bed. I woof him too. He’s a fun little guy. 

I love treats, and balls. You wanna see me go nuts? Give me a full sized soccer ⚽️ volleyball 🏐 football 🏈 or rugby ball 🏉. Heck, even a yoga ball gets me squealing and rolling it all over 😂

Moose (pictured) is posing with his favourite giraffe plushy toy and ball from The Wiggle Project! 

Follow Moose’s journey on Instagram @moosethewhiningdog

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