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Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo

Hi, I’m Mr. Magoo a 1-year-old Dalmatian. 🐾 A couple of facts, no one knows where I’m from originally, spotted dogs are even in Egyptian Tombs. We have had many names including Spotted Dick. 🙈 I’m a utility breed I do everything from a carriage dog, in the military and protecting cattle.

I’m from Scotland and a total mummy’s boy. ❤️ I’m very affectionate and love cuddles. ❤️ I have a cushion that I sit on when I’m tired and I won’t settle without it. 😴

I'm very intelligent which sometimes drives my mummy nuts as I can open doors and know exactly what I want. 🤓 I'm also a clown🤡 and make everyone laugh, I love to show off with my toys, especially squeaky ones and snakes. 🐍 I love other dogs and sometimes run off to greet ones I especially like, which mummy says is naughty but I’ve already done it by then. 😉 I got my name because my eyes droop when I’m tired just like Mr. Magoo. 

Mr. Magoo (pictured) is looking dashing in his plaid bow collar from The Wiggle Project!

Follow Mr. Magoo's adventures on Instagram @mrmagoo2017

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