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Hi I’m Muffin a 13 year old Jack Russell (I was a fuffy ball in a litter of short haired siblings 😂 I looked like a ragamuffin and that’s how I got my name). I’m a 13 year old girl and act like a puppy. A couple of facts we originally had brown fur coats that was strategically bred to be whiter to differentiate from the foxes we were hunting. We were named after Reverend John Jack Russell an avid fox hunter and we can jump up to 5 feet which I often demonstrate to keep my mummy on her toes. I also love climbing trees and exploring. 🌳

I’m from Scotland and extremely friendly which encourages my selective hearing when I’m socialising 🤣

I’m very sweet and laid back, I’m so affectionate I seek attention and would love to be a handbag dog with a full wardrobe 🤣😂 I live with my mummy & daddy and big brother Mr Magoo (whose instagram account I highjack, I want my own but mummy says it takes a lot of time, just rude 🤨🤣). I have lots of friends on the farm I live at, all shapes and sizes.  And always looking for more ❤️

Muffin (pictured) is looking gorgeous in her fancy lace harness from The Wiggle Project! 

Follow her and her brother’s adventures on Instagram @mrmagoo2017 

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