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Hello everyone! I’m Senna, a shihtzu living my best life in the Netherlands! 🇳🇱 I’m a very sweet dog 🐶 I give many hugs and cuddles everyday! Even though I prefer to sleep all day 😴 Preferably on the big bed 😴  

I love playing with my dad! It’s my favourite thing to do and I do not give up! 😉 I love food and snacks, and if you do not look carefully, I will eat from your plate! Tastes better 😉 I’m very good with people and small dogs, but I am afraid of bigger dogs, but the owners are even more afraid 🤣

Senna (pictured) is having ultra fun with her plushy giraffe from The Wiggle Project!


Follow Senna’s journey on Instagram @shihtzu.senna


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